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When you appoint Garden State Benefit Plans as your broker, you will receive the following value-added services.

Every year, Garden State Benefit Plans will do a comprehensive analysis to let you know how your plan compares with the marketplace.  We may contact 8 to 13 different insurance carriers for quotes.  You don’t have to meet with the 13 carriers!  We do it for you.  If there’s a better plan out there, we’ll find it based on our research or we’ll confirm that your current plan is still the best for you. 

Garden State Benefit Plans is proactive.  We will meet with you 45 to 90 days prior to the plan’s anniversary date to present the analysis, so that if you change plans, it can be implemented in an orderly fashion.  When a plan change is made late or with imcomplete paperwork, it’s you who suffers.  We plan ahead to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. 

Upon implementation of a new plan, we will inform your employees how to use their benefits wisely-from why you need a referral, to how to get precertification for special procedures.  By conducting employee seminars and answering questions as they arise, employees can maximize the use of their benefits and avoid pitfalls down the road.

We are dedicated to ensuring your compliance with COBRA.  Unlike most brokers, we provide COBRA administration services through COBRAHelp. 

When Employees and their dependents enroll in your plan, or when they become eligible for COBRA, they must receive correct information and guidance-or else you can be liable.  We lift the burden by helping you understand COBRA and other regulatory responsibilities. 

Garden State Benefit Plans can also help you maintain compliance with HIPAA, State Continuation of Coverage Laws, the Family Leave Act and Section 125 Plan Implementation. 

As your broker, we will watch out for your interests by staying on top of new developments in insurance legislation.  If a new state or federal law will impact your business, we’ll give you fair warning.  If a contract dispute between a carrier and a provider occurs, or if a hospital is being dropped from a network, we will notify you when and why this is happening. 

As a Garden State Benefit Plans client you will have access to our online Human Resource library and our E.A. Program.

Garden State Benefit Plans takes special care of it’s clients year-round.  You need someone to go to bat for you when there is a problem-no matter what time of year it is.

Claim confusion, billing errors, enrollment issues- Garden State Benefit Plans won’t refer you to an 800 number.  We’ll investigate the details, prepare the forms, and do the necessary follow-up to resolve the problem with minimal work interruption or employee frustration.



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