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Garden State Benefit Plans Vs. The Others

The choice of an employee benefits broker is even more important than the choice of insurance plan or carrier. How do you select a quality broker? The following are some criteria to consider. Shop around. You'll find that Garden State Benefit Plans exceeds all of these requirements:

Your broker should be able to supply long-standing references from a few clients that match-up with your industry and size. This will be an indication of their level of expertise, persistency and retention. Also, ask your current carrier if they have heard of or have ever worked with the broker. They will know if the broker is active in the employee benefits market. To request a copy of our references, just give us a call.

Ask the broker bluntly, "How do you define your role as my broker? What value can you add to typical broker services?" See if their description matches up with the services we offer.

What's their level of experience in employee benefits? What's their specialty? How many actual clients do they have? We currently have more than 200 clients who benefit from our many value-added services. To learn more about our brokers and the services they offer, please call or email us. 

Do they have a minimum of $2 million in "errors and omissions" liability insurance? Garden State Benefit Plans does. Anyone who values their work will be responsible and spend the extra money to insure themselves against any issues. A successful broker will also have the income available to invest in their business, as well as protect their assets.



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